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Last month, Carvana acquired ADESA, the second largest wholesale auto auction business in the US, for $2.2bn. Carvana is debt-financing $3.3bn for the acquisition and $1bn incremental capex to add IRC capabilities to the 56 ADESA sites. This acquisition places Carvana within 100 miles from 78% of the US population.

We believe this transaction not only accelerates Carvana’s retail growth trajectory, but could also fundamentally restructure the wholesale auto market.

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The acquisition of ADESA gives CVNA two strategic benefits: a more efficient logistics network and potential access to fleet-managed inventory.

A More Efficient Logistics Network

After listening to Ernie Garcia, it’s clear every decision at Carvana is focused on improving the retail customer experience. The ADESA acquisition is no different; CVNA adds ~2m units of IRC capacity and is within 200 miles of 94% of the US population with ADESA's network.

The more IRC’s, the closer CVNA is to the end customer, the shorter the delivery time and the better the customer experience.

Source: Carvana, 2022Source: Carvana, 2022

Also, the denser the IRC network, the better the unit economics. CVNA estimates $750 of cost savings per unit sold within 200 miles of the customer relative to the average shipping distance.

Source: CarvanaSource: Carvana

A denser logistics infrastructure drives improvements in four areas that improve CVNA's unit economics:

  1. Lower inbound transportation costs
  2. Quicker IRC turnaround times
  3. Lower outbound transportation costs
  4. Higher sales conversion
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