What is In Practise?

In Practise exists to help you learn about how great companies operate and create value. We publish 25+ executive interviews and other pieces of content every month (see content formats below). In Practise interviews cover company unit economics, value chain power dynamics, corporate culture, competitive strategy as well as business and industry history.

About Us

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In Practise was founded by William Barnes and William Oliver. Over the last eight years, the founders have personally conducted over 2,500 hours of primary research interviews with former C-Level executives and senior managers. The In Practise process for primary research is borne out of years of trial and error.

What kind of companies do you cover?

Our coverage is focused on quality companies, agnostic of sector and geography but with a focus on the US and EMEA markets.

Some of the characteristics we look for in our In Practise-led interviews: founder-led businesses with an enterprise value of $500m - $30bn with the potential to become one of the 'great compounders' in coming years. These companies typically fall into three sub-categories:

  • Attractive unit economics with at least 10% revenue and free cash flow growth with large reinvestment opportunities at attractive ROIC.
  • Leader in a fast growing, large disruptive market but the unit economics are either distorted or unproven.
  • Pre-IPO or private businesses that are unknown to public markets, growing fast and in industries with large structural tailwinds.

What is included in the paid plan?

I'm an individual private investor, can I subscribe?

Please contact [email protected] for details on pricing for professional, individual investors.

How can I contact you?

Email us at [email protected] with any questions or comments. We’d love to hear from you about any aspect of your experience with In Practise.

What is your compliance policy for potential confidential or material non-public information?

See our compliance framework here.

How do In Practise customers describe the service?

The product that In Practise is building around interviews with industry experts with a focus on long-term trends, rather than "calling the quarter", is the most exciting new research resource we've come across in a long time.
Sean Stannard-StocktonCIO, Ensemble Capital Management
In Practise is head and shoulders above the rest with respect to the quality and curation of its content. When I read In Practise’s content, I always find myself thinking, these are exactly the types of companies I’m interested in and the questions I would be asking.
Marc WerresManaging Partner, Hinde Group
Not only have I learned a tremendous amount about interesting companies and industries, but I have also learned how to think through a conversation and ask questions that create opportunities for insightful answers when I do interviews of my own. The interviews help build by mosaic on companies and also make me a better investor in the process. In Practise has been invaluable for me.
Elliot TurnerManaging Partner and CIO, RGA Investment Advisors
In Practise has become an important part of my due-diligence tool kit. I'm impressed with the quality of people they are able to find for interviews. Having used similar services in the past, I can confidently say that In Practise is head-and-shoulders above its competition in terms of both quality and cost.
Shreekkanth ViswanathanPresident & Portfolio Manager, SVN Capital
Capstrive subscribes to In Practise for its collaborative community and access to “conversations that count”. In Practise is especially helpful for understanding owner operator mindsets and structurally advantaged business models. The founders Will Oliver and Will Barnes are working hard to build something genuinely differentiated, and it’s great to be on this journey with them.
Laurence EndersenFounder, Capstrive
Great guests + great questions = great interviews. The return on time spent with In Practise is among the highest out there.
Andrew FaircloughAnalyst, Loews Corporation
The In Practise team has built a compelling and differentiated product for anyone looking to dig deep into rapidly changing companies and industries. The site has become one of my "go-to" resources to get up to speed on a new space or business. The content explores key value drivers, unit economics, competitive dynamics, and other topics that truly matter for long term investors. It is a welcome contrast to the increasingly short term focus of many other investment research resources.
Will MchaleVice President and Portfolio Manager, Ingalls & Snyder
In Practise has become a very valuable resource for me as I try to understand businesses and their competitive environments. In particular, I value the collaborations with In Practise, where we work together on certain companies. I am always amazed at the quality of people they find for interviews. The people at In Practise think like investors and know what to look for.
Christopher MayerPortfolio Manager, Woodlock House Family Capital
In Practise provides thoughtful, long-term oriented diligence on interesting global companies. I have found their work to be helpful throughout my research process.
Brad HathawayManaging Partner, Far View Capital Management
In Practise has become my intellectual warehouse for a wide range of industries. I like the breadth of the sectors and the depth of the conversations. They ask high quality questions that lead to unexpected business insights at the fundamental business model level.
Chen ChenChief Investment Officer, Toona Tree Capital
In Practise have built a fantastic service! It has become a beloved routine for me to listen to their excellent interviews once or twice a week. They tackle outstanding companies or industries with carefully sourced experts and they ask the important questions, striking the right balance between a bird’s eye perspective and deep due diligence.
Mathias SaggauManaging Partner, MSA Capital
In Practise provide thorough, in-depth insights into industries and business models. I always learn something new reading their interviews.
Jonathan TepperCIO, Prevatt Capital