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There are two ways you can work with us

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In Practise-led Interviews

  • Hosted by In Practise. Our team has 8+ years experience personally conducting 2,500+ interviews.
  • Video interview format with all interviews published at inpractise.com.
  • Executives receive detailed questions in advance

IP Partner Interviews

  • Conducted by In Practise Partners, who are investment portfolio managers.
  • Participation is anonymous by default - we will not reveal your identity.
  • Interview published at inpractise.com in text-only format.

Why In Practise

A high quality consulting experience.

In Practise exists to study great companies and share ideas about the enduring determinants of business success.

Join the community

Get paid for your time, meet great people and learn from peers about the best companies in the world. We work with current and former senior executives from many of the world's leading companies.

Access our library

Through our platform, access insights about businesses that you compete or cooperate with. The In Practise library contains hundreds of interviews exploring the mechanics of some of the greatest businesses in the world.

The future generation

Business school students at top universities benefit directly from your experience when you share it through In Practise. In Practise is offered free to universities through our partnership programme.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are In Practise customers?

While anyone can sign up for a subscription at inpractise.com, most In Practise customers are professional, long-term investors. In Practise customers subscribe to In Practise to deepen their understanding of the value drivers of businesses that they are looking to invest in or that they have already invested in.

What is the difference between In Practise and expert networks like GLG, Alphasights, Guidepoint and Prosapient?

  1. The In Practise community is exclusively focused on studying the highest quality companies.
  2. We believe that everyone wins when knowledge about how the best companies in the world operate is more readily accessible. These values determine our approach to pricing: In Practise is offered to our subscribers at a price point that is between 10-20x lower than comparable expert network offerings.
  3. When working with In Practise, you will only ever be interviewed by an experienced, professional investor who is well prepared for the interview.

What does an In Practise Onboarding Call involve?

  • An In Practise team member will organise a 15 min phone call with you to understand your career experience and core professional competencies.
  • During the onboarding call we agree on a consultancy fee for your time and answer any questions you may have about our process.
  • Once we have your experience on record we can connect you to our In Practise Partner community on a project-by-project basis. When there is a match between a Partner project and your expertise, we will reach out to discuss a potential consultation and schedule a date for a 60 minute interview between you and our Partner.

Types of Interviews

In Practise hosted interviews. These interviews are conducted by In Practise. We have over eight years experience researching and investing in companies so you will always be asked relevant questions in an engaging interview experience.

"Partner" interviews. These are conducted by In Practise Premium Partners, who are senior analysts or portfolio managers. Our choice to carefully select only experienced investors with skin in the game is in service of the community. At In Practise, you will never be interviewed by a poorly prepared junior analyst or consultant as is so common in this industry. Our partners come well-prepared and are sensitive to your needs. You can also participate in these interviews anonymously, according to your preference.

The process is simple. The first step is an onboarding call where we establish your deepest expertise. If there is a match between your expertise and a live project, we agree a fee with you and arrange a date for an interview.

Terms for the event are then sent for your review. Once these are agreed, the interview can proceed. Interviews are conducted over

What is the format of In Practise interviews?

In Practise interviews are conducted over zoom, recorded and transcribed. The final text is published at inpractise.com.

Can I participate anonymously?

Yes. You can participate anonymously or publicly as per your preference.

Who has access to the interviews at inpractise.com?

Interviews are accessible to all In Practise subscribers. We can also provide you a copy of any interview you do with us to use in your own social channels.

How will I be paid?

We pay a fixed fee in return for the recorded interview. We pay a fixed fee because we have a relatively small community, so a fee-per-view or “listen” wouldn’t cover the cost of your time.

When do I get paid?

You are paid in the calendar month of the interview.

How can I learn about the founding vision for In Practise?

Executive Applications

Apply to join the In Practise Community.

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