Scaling Uber EATS in London

Former Head of Uber Eats, London

Why is this interview interesting?

  • How Uber entered the UK food delivery market versus Deliveroo and Just Eat
  • The process of entering a market; onboarding restaurants, drivers, then demand
  • How cities, suburbs, and rural areas of the UK have a different competitive landscape
  • How to analyze selection between the major online food vendors
  • How Uber and Deliveroo could compete with Just Eat in the suburbs and rural areas
  • How restaurants analyze delivery vendors
  • Why selection and access to capital are deciding factors in defining food delivery winners

Executive Bio

Andrew Maddox

Former Head of Uber Eats, London

Andrew is the Former Head of London at Uber Eats where he was accountable for the overall performance of the business with full P&L responsibility. Andrew joined Uber in 2016 to launch the Rides business in Merseyside where he was responsible for scaling operations and recruiting drivers. He then spent one year launching Uber Pool in the same region before moving over to run Uber Eats in London. Andrew previously worked in banking for HSBC, Barclays and in Global Strategy for State Street. Read more

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Scaling Uber EATS in London(August 5, 2020)

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