Deliveroo & Dark Kitchens

Former Head of Operations, Deliveroo Editions, Middle East

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  • Cost of building and size of an average dark kitchen
  • Take rate, fee structure, and commercial relationship between Deliveroo and restaurant brand in dark kitchens
  • Contribution profit per order for aggregator and restaurant in dark kitchens
  • Risks for restaurants using dark kitchens
  • How aggregators can vertically integrate to commodotize restaurants in the value chain

Executive Bio

Norman Njooro

Former Head of Operations, Deliveroo Editions, Middle East

Norman is the Former Head of Site Operations for Deliveroo Editions in Dubai and the Middle East region. He joined Deliveroo in 2017 as site manager where he was responsible for rolling out and ramping up new kitchens across Dubai which is the most profitable region for Deliveroo. Norman was then promoted to run Editions Operations in Dubai where he managed over 60 restaurant partners in the Dark Kitchens across 5 sites. He now runs dark kitchens for hotels and works with all major aggregators in the Middle Easts. Read more

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Deliveroo & Dark Kitchens(August 3, 2020)

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