Online Food Delivery: A Restaurant's Perspective

Former Domino's UK CEO & Current Burger King UK CEO

Why is this interview interesting?

  • What Domino’s UK learned from trialling Just Eat
  • How the UK restaurant estate will evolve post-COVID
  • Challenges for QSR restaurants adapting to delivery
  • How restaurants can convert customers to own-app direct
  • Impact of VAT discount and voucering on order volume
  • Outlook on price elasticity of food delivery
  • How restaurants will balance 1P and 3P channels going forward

Executive Bio

David Wild & Alisdair Murdoch

Former Domino's UK CEO & Current Burger King UK CEO

David has over 40 years running retail businesses and is the former CEO of Domino’s Pizza Group, the UK master franchise operator of the Domino’s brand. He joined Domino’s in 2013 before becoming CEO in 2014 and rolling out over 400 new units. Domino’s has over 1,150 units in the UK and is one of the most profitable operations in the Domino's system. David started his career with 18 years at Tesco in the UK and running the Central European operation for six years in the late 1990’s. He then ran Walmart Germany and spent a year in the US before returning to the UK to run Halfords, a £1bn retailer in the UK. David left Domino’s and retired in 2020. Alisdair is one of the most experienced restaurant executives in the UK. He is the Current CEO of Burger King, the UK master franchise of the brand owned by Restaurant Brands International. Alisdair spent seven years as CEO of GBK, Gourmet Burger Kitchen, a leading casual dining chain in the UK, and was previously the CEO of Pizza Express, Pizza Hut UK after starting his career in Operational roles at KFC UK.Read more

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Online Food Delivery: A Restaurant's Perspective(April 27, 2021)

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