Netsuite's Early Years In Asia: Taking on Established Incumbents

Former Managing Director, Asia at Netsuite

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  • How Netsuite positioned itself and articulated its value proposition versus incumbent ERP vendors when entering the Asian market
  • The importance of focus on customers in specific verticals where Netsuite had a superior ROI claim for its software, positioning its ERP product as a strategic asset
  • The role of channel partners in Netsuite’s go-to-market strategy
  • The importance of customer success teams in reducing churn

Executive Bio

Ronen Lamdan

Former Managing Director, Asia at Netsuite

Ronen Lamdan is Chief Revenue Officer of Panalyt, the leading People Analytics software vendor. In addition, Ronen is a thought leader in cognitive automation, artificial intelligence and process optimization across industries. He has extensive cross-industry experience in IoT, big data, analytics, machine learning and complex systems integration helping clients drive increasing value out of data through greater understanding. Prior to Panalyt, Ronen established the Asia/Pacific region for WorkFusion (2017-2020), a leader in Intelligent Process Automation solutions, as the first person on the ground, delivering $3M in revenue in 2018 and growing the team to 40 people across Singapore, Japan, India and Hong Kong. He was responsible for leading and expanding NetSuite’s business across Asia as Managing Director (2011-2013), driving triple-digit growth and held leadership roles at Microsoft, IBM and Mercury.Read more

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