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Former Director of Google Cloud


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Former Director of Google Cloud

The executive has 25 years experience in technology sales including 10 years at MSFT leading Azure sales, Oracle Cloud, and finally over 3 years at Google in the GCP enterprise team.Read more

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Is the Oracle Microsoft partnership announcement an admission of defeat?

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If you have an old legacy retail database with customer data from the 1970s and it's running on an old Oracle SQL database, then you have to move that over. It's easier to take that database and put it on Azure infrastructure, but that's going to be fading away because they will retire and move that database to a modern cloud database such as Snowflake, Databricks, Redshift, Synapse and Microsoft. As much as I enjoyed my time at Oracle, they have struggled to catch on. When you're behind in this cloud journey, these companies are going 100 miles an hour. You're just getting up to 50 miles an hour. You saw how AWS grew 30% over the last quarter?

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