Our research on AWS has covered:

  • Switching costs and the risks of customers porting workloads across clouds 
  • How Kubernetes and other open source tools risk reducing hyperscaler stickiness 
  • AWS’ culture and how it sells services on top of core compute and storage
  • Graviton processors and the value of AWS vertically integrating to hardware
  • AWS vs Azure vs GCP Competition 
  • How AWS comarkets with ISVs and the value of its Partner Ecosystem
  • How an AWS Data Center operates and its economics
  • Long run AWS EBIT Margins

Switching costs 

A Former Executive at AWS for 10 years who was leading the EC2 and S3 rollout explores the risk of containers and the difficulties for customers to port workloads across cloud providers. It’s possible to shift containers in EKS, AWS’ Managed Kubernetes Services, to GCP or Azure, but it requires a significant amount of configuration:

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