Interview Transcript

Here’s an excerpt from a book, by Tom Peters, that I always go back to, for leaders. “This great thing, is the first word I’m going to use, can breed a monster, if not controlled and not balanced. Confidence can breed a sense of infallibility. Quickness can lead to overhastiness. Sharp wit can lead to abrasiveness. Alertness can lead to a narrow focus. Dedication can lead to workaholism. Control can lead to inflexibility. Courage can lead to foolhardiness. Perseverance can lead to resistance to change. Charm can lead to manipulation. Thriftiness can lead to false economy. Commitment can lead to blind faith.”

Constantly keeping a balance and a check on yourself, not taking yourself too seriously, minimizing your ego. There’s got to be an element of ego in there, whether it’s charisma, self-confidence – to some people, self-confidence can be a huge ego. I’ve sat in with some fairly junior members of the team, on occasions, and they’ve started crying. I’ve said, what’s the matter? We’ve never sat in with anyone who talks the way you do, so passionately, so positively, so enthusiastically, so almost in your face. There has to be, again, a balance and a check on all of those things.

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