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Curating the Buying Experience

Giuseppe Cattaneo
Current CEO at Ferrari, China

Learning outcomes

  • How Ferrari builds a luxury and exclusive experience from the showroom to delivery of the vehicle

Executive Bio

Giuseppe Cattaneo

Current CEO at Ferrari, China

Giuseppe is the Current CEO at Ferrari, China and has over 25 years experience working in China. From 2004-9, he was CEO of Pirelli’s China Division before being promoted to CEO of APAC in 2009. Giuseppe then joined Ferrari as President and CEO of Far East Asia in 2013 before rejoining Pirelli as CEO of APAC for another three years in September 2014. Giuseppe has recently rejoined Ferrari in 2020 with full P&L responsibility of the China business. Read more

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Interview Transcript

Let’s talk about the customer experience for the first purchase that you mentioned is so crucial. It has to be consistent; it has to be very high quality. How do you think about curating the buying experience, from start to finish? Can you walk me through how that works? If I want to buy a Ferrari, in China, what do I do? Do I go direct to Ferrari? Do I go to a dealership? How do you curate that experience?

The experience is a journey because, first of all, you identify the car. We have good coverage. All the main cities have a dealership. The workshops and aftersales have a much broader coverage but we have a strategy focused only on the flagship stores, in flagship cities. We bring the client within the Ferrari family. As soon as they come into the dealership, they have to feel an experience. They have to feel the corporate identity. When they enter the dealership, they are already inside the Ferrari world and the CI, the corporate identity of the shops, the way we decorate the shop, the color the choose, all the touchpoints inside the showroom, are the same all over the world. The experience when you first enter should be similar to any other showroom in the world.

Once inside, you have to feel the luxury but also the exclusivity. Our products should be considered very exclusive because worldwide, we sell, all in all, 10,000 cars. When you sell 10,000 cars, there are very few cars around. Even if you consider that a Ferrari never actually dies and we never deregister a car. This is a unique situation for our brand. Somebody buys a Ferrari and they keep it forever. Or they will sell it to someone who will keep it forever. Or, this one, we sell to someone else and they will keep it forever. At the end of the day, no one actually deregisters and smash a car. It’s never a piece of metal, a Ferrari. It’s always a nice car to drive.

We have certain requirements for our dealerships and you have to display the whole range, in production, at that time. When you enter the showroom, you have the full range available and the person will show you around the showroom, to explain the different cars and to explain all the different types of performance and personalization that you can have in the car. We have an area of the showroom dedicated to personalization, with a nice sofa and all the samples that you can choose from, such as color. It’s quite an experience, actually. I would say that, if you come in with a precise idea of which car you want, it’s easy. You come in, you say, look, I’m very well-prepared – maybe a repeater – I know what I want. But the best solution is when you don’t know what you want, and we take you through the overall experience and we develop your awareness of the brand and we develop your demand.

To be honest, I think this is quite common in luxury business, overall, whether you’re talking about cars or watches. You need to accompany your clients during their journey and everyone has their own journey. The process and the model is the same but then everyone has their own journey and you take them through the different aspects.

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