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Customer Repurchasing

Giuseppe Cattaneo
Current CEO at Ferrari, China

Learning outcomes

  • The importance of curating the best first buying experience to drive a repurchase

Executive Bio

Giuseppe Cattaneo

Current CEO at Ferrari, China

Giuseppe is the Current CEO at Ferrari, China and has over 25 years experience working in China. From 2004-9, he was CEO of Pirelli’s China Division before being promoted to CEO of APAC in 2009. Giuseppe then joined Ferrari as President and CEO of Far East Asia in 2013 before rejoining Pirelli as CEO of APAC for another three years in September 2014. Giuseppe has recently rejoined Ferrari in 2020 with full P&L responsibility of the China business. Read more

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Interview Transcript

How do you approach driving repurchasing by customers?

Customer satisfaction with the first purchase is very important. The product you are selling should be consistent with the iconic heritage of the brand. This is very important and it’s true for everyone. If your brand, if your product, at the end of the day, is not consistent and is not up to the standard that the people expect, the risk is that they will not repurchase. It’s absolutely necessary not to underestimate the quality that the Chinese market want to receive and the ability to perceive quality from this new client. In certain cases, it’s even easier to sell to well-known and continual repeater clients because they are more accepting of certain imperfections. But when you sell to a very demanding, first-time client, you need to sell to a level of perfection – a perceived one, but also an actual one – that must really be up to the reputation of your brand. In that case, you will have a high percentage that will come back. This is so important; do not underestimate the ability to evaluate quality, by Chinese consumers.

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