Pricing Auto Insurance Policies

Former Chief Underwriting Officer, P&C, Generali Germany

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  • How insurance companies use generalized linear models to price auto insurance
  • How insurers adopt telematics and barriers to wider adoption
  • Which data points carry the most weight when pricing risk
  • How pricing for insurance policies will evolve over the next decade
  • Advantages that disruptors such as Root Insurance could have over legacy insurers
  • Why the accident frequency hasn’t reduced as vehicle technology improves
  • Potential impact of a 20% lower accident frequency on the insurance industry

Executive Bio

Monika Sebold-Bender

Former Chief Underwriting Officer, P&C, Generali Germany

Monika joined the insurance industry in 1994 and has been involved in underwriting motor insurance for over 25 years. She has experience working for many leading European insurance companies, leading AXA Direct in Germany in the late 90’s before running motor insurance at Westfalische Provinzial, one of the largest regional insurance companies in Germany. Monika was then Head of Underwriting P&C globally at Allianz SE before running Cosmos Direkt, a leading German auto insurer, where she was managing over 3bn EUR of gross written premiums. Monika has experienced C-Level positions across Europe and is on the Board of associations and other businesses such as MS Amlin, ERGO Group AG, and Europ Assistance. Read more

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Pricing Auto Insurance Policies(December 1, 2020)

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