Naked Wines & The Online Wine Opportunity

Founder and CEO at Vioneers and Former Executive at Lidl

Why is this interview interesting?

  • The history of wine as a consumer product
  • Why there are no strong brands in the wine category
  • The structure of the online DTC market versus traditional physical distribution
  • How to work with winemakers and what they care about
  • How wine DTC players can build a brand in the market
  • Unit economics of online wine and target retention rates
  • Difference between EU and US market structure
  • Biggest challenge for wine DTC players

Executive Bio

Jochen Heigoldt

Founder and CEO at Vioneers and Former Executive at Lidl

Jochen has over 20 years experience working in retail and over 5 years in importing, distributing and selling wine throughout Europe. He is the Founder and CEO of Vioneers, a German wine online DTC start up that sources wine directly from local winemakers to sell throughout Germany and Europe. He is also the CEO of Grapeagents, a European-based wine importer and distributor of premium wines focused on small family-owned producers. Jochen previously spent 5 years as the CFO of Dublin Food Sales, one of the largest food service companies in Ireland, and started his retail career with 10 years working at Lidl in various roles across Europe. Read more

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Naked Wines & The Online Wine Opportunity(October 21, 2020)

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