Fortnite Gameplay Design & Monetization

Former Head of UI, Epic Games

Why is this interview interesting?

  • Core differences in Heroes of the Storm and Fornite gameplay design and mechanics
  • How hero characters can shape the gameplay and monetization
  • Why Battle Royale is the perfect game mode
  • The design of the Battlepass, loot boxes, and player retention strategies
  • Fortnite player behavior versus other FTP games
  • What defines success in a 'third space' or virtual world like Fortnite
  • How to look at the power of Fortnite's 'blank canvas' intellectual property

Executive Bio

Matt Schembari

Former Head of UI, Epic Games

Matt has over 20 years of experience developing free-to-play games. He is the Former Head of UI at Epic Games, where he led a cross-disciplinary team of designers, artists and programmers for five years to build Fortnite. Matt worked closely with product owners to craft the gameplay and in-game services across all Fortnite modes. Prior to Epic, Matt spent 8 years at Blizzard working on StarCraft Heart of the Swarm and then Heroes of the Storm. Matt now runs a studio building a new free-to-play game.Read more

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Fortnite Gameplay Design & Monetization(June 30, 2020)

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