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Former COO at Essensys


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Former COO at Essensys

Former Director and COO of essensys hired by the Board as the business scaled and the founders stepped away from managing day to day operations. He was responsible for running sales, operations, people / HR and technology and helped grow the business internationally (primarily into the US).Read more

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So the services that would be part of the Operate element would be meeting rooms and bookings. Can you give us an idea of that?

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It would be everything from leads to orders to cash. So if you're running a flexible workspace, you can do lead management on a standard CRM platform, but because the flexible workspace sector is unique, many agents bring in leads. There are other aspects to it that you won't necessarily get in a canned solution like HubSpot or other CRM platforms. But it drives everything from order to cash, geared explicitly toward flexible workspace providers. You mentioned one, meeting room bookings. For a tenant of a workspace provider that doesn't have enough meeting room space, they're paying for monthly that's dedicated. There is shared meeting room space, things like that. And billing in a flexible workspace environment is incredibly challenging. It isn't just that you pay your rent; there are a lot of variable costs on a monthly basis. Your rents can go up and down based on the number of people you've got in that tenant. So if they add or reduce employees in the middle of the month, the rent goes up and down.

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