Domino's Pizza Enterprises: Running a Domino's Store

Former Domino's Pizza Franchisee

Why is this interview interesting?

  • The franchisee application process
  • The cost of acquiring a store and possible financing options
  • The most unique processes within the store that give Domino’s a competitive advantage
  • How Domino’s optimizes for delivery
  • Typical unit economics of a Domino’s store in Sydney
  • How Domino’s approach franchisees when splitting territories
  • The impact of penalty rates on Australian franchisee stores

Executive Bio

Paul van Eck

Former Domino's Pizza Franchisee

Paul van Eck is a former Domino’s franchisee of two stores in Sydney that generated $3m in annual sales. He purchased one store in 2015 and improved the weekly unit sales from $10k to over $22k after adopting ‘The Domino’s Way’ processes and guidelines. Paul sold both his stores in January 2020 after the penalty rate was introduced shortly after the purchase of the second store which pressured the economics of running the business. Read more

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Interview Transcript

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Domino's Pizza Enterprises: Running a Domino's Store(November 19, 2020)

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