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This is our first experiment of IP Surveys, a new content format of written survey responses by qualified senior executives. Typically, most survey providers either cover consumer businesses or offer traffic data helpful for calling the quarter. It doesn’t focus on what matters in the long-run. Most surveys also don’t provide sufficient information on the respondents which can erode trust in the quality of the data. 

Our surveys focus on the long-term drivers of intrinsic value, not shorter-term traffic or flows. We only recruit senior executives and pay full rates for the detailed responses and follow-ups we expect. Although this increases the price of producing the survey, we believe it improves the signal. 

There is bias in all samples and ours will be no different. Our samples are smaller but more focused and qualified. We aim to provide a selection of key decision makers across each potential sample. Ultimately, we hope to aggregate thoughtful responses from qualified executives to provide a data point for you to make decisions. 

We will be very selective in when and how we produce surveys to ensure we can source enough quality executives to test the relevant hypotheses. Given this is our first experiment, we’d appreciate all feedback. 

This survey covers Credit Acceptance. CACC’s intrinsic value depends on the economic profit per loan and the volume of loans. This survey focuses more on the latter: loan volume growth and its drivers. We've sourced and surveyed 11 auto dealers that source loans through CACC to explore two broad questions:

  1. How can CACC originate more loans per dealer and improve loan volume growth? 

  2. How does CAPS perform relative to competitor systems in the origination process?

This survey shares the responses and a brief summary analysis of key takeaways.

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