Credit Acceptance Corporation: Educating Dealers

Former Director of Sales at Credit Acceptance

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  • Traditional subprime lending vs Credit Acceptance
  • How CACC aligns incentives between dealer, consumer, and lender
  • How to educate dealers to use CACC vs traditional lenders
  • Why recent vintages have lower recovery rates vs pre-GFC
  • Challenges for CACC to grow dealer base

Executive Bio

Chad Sturdefant

Former Director of Sales at Credit Acceptance

Chad has over 20 years experience in auto retail and finance. He has held every sales position in a dealership before being a General Manager of a multi-franchise store where was selling vehicles and underwriting prime and subprime loans. In 2013, Chad joined Credit Acceptance as Market Area Manager before being promoted to Director of Sales in Washington. Chad was responsible for growing loan volume in his market and hiring and training sales people according to Credit Acceptance standards.Read more

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Credit Acceptance Corporation: Educating Dealers(May 12, 2021)

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