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Former Manager at Cogent Comunications


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Former Manager at Cogent Comunications

The executive has 25 years telecommunications experience and is a Former Manager at Cogent, now selling wholesale services at Windstream.Read more

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Smart people buy dumb pipes; I’ll undercut anyone by 50%. That’s the mantra of the business. You said it’s not a price competitive market, which is really interesting. If it’s more architecturally based and the customer are building networks and not just buying a commodity, like IP transit, how much does his negative basis matter? That’s one of my questions. Yes, you have a great cost structure; yes, you can offer the lowest price, prices that others don’t want to touch. But maybe your routes suck.

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Keep in mind the kind of customers we are dealing with. We’re talking about the Amazons and the Googles. That is a different mindset compared to a regional wave customer or smaller end customers. That is not the general rule, because price does matter to a certain degree. At the same time, some of the largest content providers are not getting waves for a dirt-cheap price, compared to the market. They are paying $2,300, $2,400, which is very much the market price. It’s not extremely low and it’s not high.

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