Zoetis Animal Health: Vet Practice Perspective

Former Director at Banfield Pet Hospital


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Former Director at Banfield Pet Hospital

The executive has 18 years experience in the veterinary industry and is a long-term customer of Zoetis. The executive now works for a veterinary roll up in the US and can discuss the implications of market consolidation.Read more

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Have you heard of vets switching from IDEXX to Zoetis or adding one or two analyzers from Zoetis?

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I work with hospitals who often switch from Antech to IDEXX, but that has to do with preferred providers. The preferred external lab for MARS is Antech, whereas the corporate group I am current with use IDEXX. When I speak to veterinarians about why they prefer one over the other, there are examples where IDEXX has the upper hand with innovation in how their readouts sync with their hospital software system. I have also heard veterinarians enjoy Antech's telephone support specialists. That may be a local and regional difference, but Antech has hired specialists to support hospitals.

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