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Founding Director at YouGov

Why is this interview interesting?

  • How a custom research project is structured
  • The competitive advantage of YouGov’s panel
  • YouGov’s Cube and how to leverage the existing panel data
  • How custom research complements the syndicated data product
  • Costs and challenges driving panel engagement
  • Challenges and opportunities for YouGov in the US versus Nielsen and Kantar
  • Opportunities for new products such as YouChat, YouDirect, and YouSafe

Executive Bio

Joe Twyman

Founding Director at YouGov

Joe was the first employee at YouGov joining the two founders in 2000 when the company was founded. He joined Yougov from Ipsos, a UK-based competitor, where he was responsible for building the infrastructure to run representative online surveys for political and social research. Joe enjoyed 20 years at YouGov running various research desks across sectors and countries, creating some of YouGov’s leading products such as the BrandIndex and the foundations of the Cube. Joe currently runs Deltapoll, a leading UK public opinion consultancy. Read more

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YouGov & Online Market Research(January 12, 2021)

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