Unity Technologies & Game Engine Economics

Former Head of Strategy APAC at Unity Technologies

Why is this interview interesting?

  • Positioning of Unity vs Epic's Unreal engine
  • Unity's shift from perpetual licenses to SaaS business model
  • Unit economics of a large studio using Unreal vs Unity engine
  • How Unity can increase LTV for studio customers
  • Why Unity is best placed to win market share in engine applications outside of gaming
  • Risks to Unity from Unreal given Epic's publishing success

Executive Bio

Joonsoo Ryu

Former Head of Strategy APAC at Unity Technologies

Joonsoo is the Former Head of Strategy for the APAC region at Unity Technologies where he spent 5 years transforming the gaming engine business from a perpetual license to SaaS model. He was responsible for optimising the LTV of gaming studios using Unity’s engine and he explored new applications for the engine in markets such as Architecture, Engineering, and Construction. Joonsoo left Unity in 2019 and is now the COO of bitsensing, a radar technology company. Read more

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Unity Technologies & Game Engine Economics(July 8, 2020)

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