Satair & Aerospace Distribution

Former VP at Satair

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  • The two core ways airframe OEMs can take back ownership of the aftermarket
  • Challenges for airframe OEMs in controlling the aftermarket pricing on old platforms
  • How pricing works between supplier OEMs and distributors and how airframe OEMs look to control price
  • How airlines look at aftermarket pricing
  • New contract structures that could be drawn between TransDigm and Satair or Aviall
  • How the industry structure will evolve as airframe OEMs take back aftermarket on new platforms

Executive Bio

Steen Karsbo

Former VP at Satair

Steen worked for Satair, the leading global aerospace distributor owned by Airbus, for close to 40 years. He joined in 1980 when the company was generating $10m revenue and retired in 2019 with Satair a subsidiary of Airbus and $2bn in annual revenue. Steen worked across sales and marketing, structuring contracts, and representing suppliers across platforms and product lines.Read more

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Satair & Aerospace Distribution(July 23, 2020)

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