Redbubble: Market Size, Product Quality and Customer Acquisition

Former Product Manager at Redbubble

Why is this interview interesting?

  • Redbubble user acquisition and challenges to build a brand
  • How Redbubble can penetrate the $300bn TAM
  • Moving from generic to more complex SKU's
  • Redbubble vs Etsy


Why is this company interesting?

Redbubble is an Australian-listed three-sided marketplace connecting individual artists, fulfilment partners, and customers. Artists upload unique designs and Redbubble partners with fulfillers to produce 'print-on-demand' (POD) products and ship to consumers.

Redbubble's competitive advantage lies in the 60m long tail of unique designs that drive organic traffic via SEO to customers looking for customised products. The flywheel starts with artists uploading designs, this unique content driving organic traffic which drives sales through the fulfilment network. As the fulfilment network scales, delivery time and cost declines which drives sales and the flywheel again.

Redbubble reminds us of Etsy in 2016; a marketplace with a unique and sticky supply side and a new CEO to focus the company on driving sales for sellers. RBL's 5-year revenue CAGR is +35% with gross margins over 40% and an estimated ~15% long term EBIT margins.


Executive Bio

Former Product Manager at Redbubble

The executive spent over 4 years at Redbubble as part of the extended leadership team across Strategy, Product, and Growth. She joined in 2014 to scale the supply side before working closely with the Search team to optimise customer acquisition. The executive worked closely with Former CEO Barry Newstead.Read more

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