Q-Mixers vs Fever Tree: On-Premise Channel

Former VP of Sales at Q-Mixers

Fever Tree

Why is this company interesting?

Fever Tree is a founder-led beverage business that sells premium mixers such as tonics, ginger ale, and club soda.

Over the last decade, two tailwinds have fuelled FEVR's ~50% revenue CAGR: premiumisation and spirits winning share from beer and wine. The company defined the UK premium mixer category which accounted for 43% of all mixers in H121. In the US, the premium segment is only 10% but is growing at ~3x the total mixer market.

In 2018, the company launched a national distribution agreement with Southern Glazers, the largest spirits distributor in the US. Fever Tree focused on building the brand equity with premium spirits companies in the on-premise channel and has the longest and deepest relationships with companies like Diageo and Pernod.

Fever Tree is a beverage company that operates closer to a premium spirits business with 30%+ ROE, deep distribution agreements and high brand equity in both channels that provide high barriers to entry for competitors.


Executive Bio

Shelley Turner

Former VP of Sales at Q-Mixers

Shelley has over 20 years in the spirits and beverage industry and is the Former VP of Sales at Q-Mixers, one of the largest premium mixers in the US and formidable competitor to Fever Tree, the London-listed mixer company. Shelley was hired in 2016 to launch Q’s Western US on-premise channel to compete directly with Fever Tree. She managed new relationships with distributors Breakthru and RNDC and also opened some larger on-premise accounts. Prior to Q-Mixers, Shelley enjoyed nearly 10-years at Moet Hennessy before joining Stoli Group in California.Read more

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Q-Mixers vs Fever Tree: On-Premise Channel(September 28, 2021)

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