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Former Engineering Leader at Netflix


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Former Engineering Leader at Netflix

The executive is a former Engineering Leader at Netflix, responsible for the company's performance and operating systems to improve streaming efficiency. This included managing the relationship with AWS.Read more

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With the business of metrics, the cloud is the only solution. It's extremely complex and expensive having everything on premise, in your own data centers.

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It's a tradeoff of where you want to spend your engineering dollars. For on prem, it's like, I now have a bunch of people who are just hardware, I have a bunch of CIS admins. Could I now somehow take those dollars and get some portion of them back to go spend on engineers? The thing that that we always looked at as the important thing was innovation. The faster we can innovate, the faster we can go. If you look at an on-prem data center, let's say that you're an engineer, and you come to me and go, I have this idea for a new search engine, and I need 500 servers to test it. I'm like, I can order those servers, they'll be here in six months. Versus if you're in the cloud, and you can say, you can have, virtual machines tomorrow. You can prototype your idea. If it works, we can have 100 by the end of the week, so you can ramp these things up really quickly.

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