Naked Wines & Customer Lifetime Value

Group Director of Strategy and Performance at Majestic Wine

Why is this interview interesting?

  • How Naked Wines is different from other wine clubs
  • The importance of the connection between the wine maker and Angels
  • How Naked Wines set a tone of voice and communication style with customers
  • Customer onboarding and managing churn
  • The power of discount vouchers as a customer acquisition channel
  • Challenges optimizing lifetime value
  • Potential growth channels for Naked in UK and US

Executive Bio

Neil Campbell

Group Director of Strategy and Performance at Majestic Wine

Neil has nearly 20 years of experience in consumer internet with experience at large companies such as Amazon and smaller growth companies such as Naked Wines. Neil joined Naked in 2016 as the business 6 months after Majestic Wine purchased the company and his role was to run Strategy where he was responsible for getting the right data architecture in place for Naked’s growth plan. After a MBA at Harvard in 2008, Neil spent 4 years at Amazon running various categories before launching a startup which eventually sold to Google in 2014. Neil also previously worked at Betfair and is now VP of Growth at Moneybox, a UK fintech startup. Read more

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Naked Wines & Customer Lifetime Value(November 25, 2020)

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