Masimo & At-Home Continuous Monitoring

Former Strategic Director at GE Healthcare

Why is this interview interesting?

  • How OEM's integrate Masimo and Nellcor
  • Obstacles for hospitals adopting continuous monitoring hardware and software
  • A hospital's typical wireless monitoring setup
  • How Apple could compete with Masimo in continuous monitoring

Executive Bio

Daniel Halstead

Former Strategic Director at GE Healthcare

Daniel has been working within pulse oximetry for the last 40 years. He started in the operating room as an anesthesiologist and saw the transition from non-pulse oximetry to pulse oximetry plus the improvements Masimo’s SET technology had on the industry. He then spent 7 years running Product at Ohmeda, one of the original developers of pulse oximetry, and then spent 14 years at GE Healthcare, which had purchased Ohmeda. Daniel now advises hospitals and OEM’s on at-home monitoring and pulse oximetry. Read more

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