Illumina & Gene Sequencing

General Manager, QIAGEN Waltham

Why is this interview interesting?

  • The history and evolution of next generation sequencing
  • Durability of ILMN’s SBS platform advantage vs long read PACB
  • History of proteomics and how the industry may evolve

Executive Bio

General Manager, QIAGEN Waltham

This executive has a background in nucleic acid amplification, next-generation DNA sequencing, microfluidics, genetics, molecular biology and product development, with experience in innovative technology development from the initial start-up to product launch stage. He is currently the SVP R&D at IsoPlexis, and previously held senior roles 4Catalyzer and Quantum-Si and Qiagen among others. At Qiagen he was Head of the global Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) development team, responsible for management of the technology development driving QIAGEN’s NGS GeneReader system.Read more

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