IKEA, Wayfair, & Omnichannel Furniture Retail

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Just as B2B distributors are structurally advantaged businesses, we believe vertically-integrated ecommerce businesses are advantaged because of the superior customer experience relative to offline competitors. Companies like Amazon, JD.com, and Carvana vertically integrate into owning inventory, warehousing, and last mile delivery to provide customers with a more convenient, quicker, and typically cheaper shopping experience than incumbents.We’ve previously explored how Wayfair is following Amazon’s footsteps in the furniture industry through various primary research interviews, IP analysis articles, and an IP Investor Dialogue: Former Wayfair VP on Wayfair First-Mile Logistics Former VP Fulfilment Engineering at Wayfair on CastleGateOur analysis of Wayfair’s CastleGate Logistics Our analysis comparing Wayfair CastleGate with Amazon FBAFormer Global Supply Chain at Wayfair on building global e-commerce supply chainsWayfair In Practise Investor Dialogue
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