DiaSorin: Distribution and Pricing

Former General Manager at bioMérieux

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  • Distributing DiaSorin's products
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Former General Manager

Former General Manager at bioMérieux

The executive is the Former General Manager at bioMérieux where he was responsible for the Nordics before being promoted to run the Lab Automation division in France. He has experience competing with Dia Sorin’s LIAISON product as a major competitor to bioMérieux’s VIDAS line. He also previously ran Addtech’s Life Sciences division where he was responsible for distributing Dia Sorin products throughout the Nordics as well as other competing diagnostic products. Read more

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My questions are primarily from DiaSorin’s angle, and you have done some work on DiaSorin at Addtech, then spent a lot of time at bioMérieux. Could you explain your background and then I will ask my questions if you don't mind?

I have a medical background and I have been working my whole professional career within biotech, medtech and pharma. I started my commercial career at Organon which was part of AkzoNobel. Organon was a pioneer in diagnostics and a very interesting company. They invented the ELISA plate and made the first conjugates for the HIV test and HTLV. They also made the first extraction system for molecular biology, with a technology called NASPA, which was also a pioneer in the field of PCR.

It was more precise than the technology from Roche because it was silica based and isothermic, so offered much better stability. Unfortunately, the company was divested from AkzoNobel who are a very large group with over 90,000 people. Their main business was chemical so they never understood the added value of having pharma and sold half of the company to Merck and the other half to bioMérieux.

At that time, I was the General Manager for Organon in the Nordic countries and I had the opportunity to continue with bioMérieux, where I became General Manager in the Nordics for some years, then moved to France as the head of the lab automation division. They were also interested in the journey because I had teams in the US, Europe, Japan and other markets. That was extremely useful for me to get that experience. After that journey of several years, I was head hunted to the Sweden group Addtech, where I was the CEO of Addtech Life Science who have 18 subsidiaries.

Addtech Life Science created a separate NASDAQ listed company called AddLife in 2016. By the time I left the company, there were 35 companies in the group. I started my own company in Gothenburg, Sweden within genetics and have also been working as a consultant and on the board of several companies. Today I am mainly working on strategies and acquisitions, because of my extensive experience over the years, working with leadership questions.

Is that how you overlapped while at Addtech, marketing DiaSorin?

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