Copart: International Growth Opportunities

Former CEO Middle East, India & Africa at Copart


Why is this company interesting?

Copart is a leading provider of online auctions and vehicle remarketing services with operations mostly in North America. It is also expanding overseas. The company was founded by Willis Johnson and Incorporated in California in 1982. It became a public company in 1994 and is headquartered in Dallas, TX.

Copart is dominant in its industry, operating in a with a strong balance sheet, high insider ownership and a track record of strong returns.

The company has a robust competitive position. For decades, Copart has acquired land in key cities around the US. As a result of zoning restrictions and the growth of American cities, Copart’s land position would be impossible to replicate today. Copart operates in a duopoly with Insurance Auto Auctions.


Executive Bio

Former CEO Middle East, India & Africa at Copart

This executive was employee number 1 for Copart's Middle East business, joining in 2011. He spent over 8 years at the business and launched several new markets. Prior to this, he spent a total of 15 years across a number of roles at Zurich insurance, including running the life businesses across the Middle East, India and Africa.Read more

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