eBay & Zynga: Building Online Communities

Former Manager, PowerSeller Program at eBay & Global Community Director at Zynga

Why is this interview interesting?

  • What makes a healthy online community
  • How eBay launched and scaled the PowerSeller program to drive retention and higher GMV
  • How marketplaces approach serving both B2C and B2B suppliers
  • Why gamification is not crucial for all online marketplaces
  • How to think about driving engagement and retention in online communities
  • Risks for supplier revolts due to marketplace imbalances
  • Online community comparison between eBay sellers and Farmville players

Executive Bio

Shira Levine

Former Manager, PowerSeller Program at eBay & Global Community Director at Zynga

Shira has spent the last two decades building online communities for leading global marketplaces. She joined eBay in 1998 and progressed to manage the PowerSeller Program, the community for the platform’s leading sellers, which involved 120,000 sellers generating $6bn of sales. Shira then joined Zynga in 2010 as the Global Community Director, tasked with managing and growing the online player communities of Farmville and other leading mobile games. In 2016, Shira led Sephora’s Community and Social Commerce and has experience consulting Uber, Pinterest, Afterpay and many other online businesses on building communities.Read more

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Interview Transcript

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eBay & Zynga: Building Online Communities(June 9, 2020)

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