Building Great Brands: Launching P&G Products in Asia

Former Associate Brand Director - Fabric Care at P&G

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  • Re-launching a brand in China: lessons from the re-launch of Gillette, adapting the product and branding for the local market
  • Launching a brand in China: lessons from the launch of Downy and the importance of highly specific customer targeting
  • The concept of ‘cultural intelligence’ and why it is a crucial part of a marketer’s toolkit
  • Case study on a major source of failure in launching consumer packaged goods: the failure to listen to your customer
  • How the needs of large advertisers like P&G are changing and what this means for media agencies like WPP

Executive Bio

Dominique Touchaud

Former Associate Brand Director - Fabric Care at P&G

Dominique has over 25 years experience in marketing and brand communication. He spent 17 years with Procter & Gamble, during which he led the design and delivery of brand communications from strategy to creative briefing and project management across several major regions. Dominique first joined P&G as an advertising development manager and worked his way up to overseeing the branding for P&G’s fabric care segment. Prior to P&G, he worked with Swatch as the head of advertising. In his role there, he oversaw the creative design and development of communications solutions for Swatch watches and jewels globally. Dominique started his career at Leo Burnett and Saatchi & Saatchi. Dominique is currently Director of Shokunin, which offers marketing as a service for Asia-based brand teams. Read more

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