Building Brands: Lessons From 16 Years at P&G

Former Associate Brand Director - Fabric Care at P&G

Why is this interview interesting?

  • P&G's approach to building brands: the brand equity pyramid, customer obsession, and "marketing from the street, not from your office"
  • P&G brand strategy pillars: owning the #1 and #2 benefits in a category
  • Brand transformation case study: Pampers
  • How brands get broken: the case of failing to innovate
  • How brand marketing is changing - performance vs brand advertising
  • Examples of the traditional approaches to brand equity and brand building that still matter and how these should be used in conjunction with new marketing channels and techniques

Executive Bio

Dominique Touchaud

Former Associate Brand Director - Fabric Care at P&G

Dominique has over 25 years experience in marketing and brand communication. He spent 17 years with Procter & Gamble, during which he led the design and delivery of brand communications from strategy to creative briefing and project management across several major regions. Dominique first joined P&G as an advertising development manager and worked his way up to overseeing the branding for P&G’s fabric care segment. Prior to P&G, he worked with Swatch as the head of advertising. In his role there, he oversaw the creative design and development of communications solutions for Swatch watches and jewels globally. Dominique started his career at Leo Burnett and Saatchi & Saatchi. Dominique is currently Director of Shokunin, which offers marketing as a service for Asia-based brand teams. Read more

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Interview Transcript

Regarding your career experience, before we dive into our conversation, could you share a little bit about what you’ve been up to?

I’ve always been a bit of an outlier in everything I’ve done. I started my career in advertising. I had a passion for advertising as a skillset, as an industry, so I started with Leo Burnett, in France; I’m French. That was probably the most expected move for me, because that is what I did when I was a student. I wanted to get into advertising and I wrote my thesis on merger strategies for advertising agencies. That was in 1990 and that’s when WPP was starting to be built and it was the big talk of the town. That got me my first job at Leo Burnett.

After that, I moved client-side, after a number of years, because I had an amazing opportunity to be the head of communications, the head of advertising, for Swatch Group, the watchmaker. That was one of the coolest, hippest brands that you could imagine, at the time, in Europe and I really wanted to work for that cool brand. Then, I have to say, I’ve been lucky, because 16 years ago, P&G called me and said, hey, we know you – because I had been handling the P&G accounts at Saatchi, in my last agency job – and we have this corporate marketing department that is doing a lot of knowledge creation and a lot of internal advisory and we’d like you to join the group.

I had to take a big decision because, at the time, I had a job from Apple on the table and a job offer from P&G. There was so much from my professional life, where I could hear, I wonder how P&G does this or I wonder what P&G would say about that? I thought, I’ll have a go at it. I’ll go and look at how these guys do things, from the inside. I’ll probably stay a couple of years and then I’ll leave. That was 16 years ago. I stayed, happily, at P&G for 16 years, moving from Europe to Latin America and then to Asia. I had a very international career, focusing a lot on launching new products into white-space markets. I’ve been lucky enough to work in markets where P&G was either not present, or decided to focus on that market, while I was in that region.

So I’ve been part of the team that exploded the business in Brazil and I’ve been part of the team that reset the business in China, in the past three or four years. After 16 happy years, I decided, a couple of months back, to start my own consultancy and use everything I had learnt, for the interest of smaller clients, in Asia.

Speaking about what you’ve learned, working with such an iconic group, could we talk about some of the marketing fundamentals or some of the core principles that you picked up, over your years at the business?

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