Amplifon: Hearing Aids Distribution

Former CFO at Amplifon

Why is this interview interesting?

  • The nature of the problem of mild hearing loss and the role of audiologists in delivering a solution
  • The hearing aid customer buying experience for treatment of mild hearing loss
  • How Amplifon buys product from OEMs
  • Amplifon COGS versus independent retailers
  • How Costco and OTC are driving up pricing pressure in the industry

Executive Bio

Ugo Giorcelli

Former CFO at Amplifon

Ugo has over 12 years experience in the hearing aid industry. He joined Amplifon, the largest independent hearing aids retailer globally, in 2005 as CFO of their North American business. In 2007 Ugo was promoted to the role of global CFO of Amplifon, a role which he held for over 10 years until 2017. He is currently Chief Staff Officer of Italian fashion group Benetton, where he oversees finance and accounting, IT, HR, RE development and centralised purchasing. Read more

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Amplifon: Hearing Aids Distribution(August 19, 2020)

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