Amazon vs CDON, Allegro, &

Former VP, Amazon Logistics Europe

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  • How Amazon built out the warehouse infrastructure in France, Germany, UK and Poland
  • Difficulties in optimising for local language on the front end
  • How Amazon would work with vendors when entering a new country
  • Why Amazon don’t need to own infrastructure in the Netherlands
  • Impact of introducing FBA and Prime in a new region
  • Comparison of the attractiveness of the Nordics and Poland for Amazon
  • How Amazon could compete with Allegro and CDON

Executive Bio

Philippe Hemard

Former VP, Amazon Logistics Europe

Philippe has spent over 25 years developing end-to-end logistics systems from vendors to customers, including 18 years at He joined Amazon in France in 2000 as Distribution Centre General Manager, moving to (Scotland) in 2004, to support business growth within the UK. Philippe then took up several senior leadership positions in European Operations at Amazon EU Headquarters in Luxembourg, culminating in the role of VP Amazon Logistics Europe from 2015-18. Before joining Amazon, Philippe worked for Danzas (now DHL) in France. Throughout his career he has worked on network modelling, procurement and buying processes, inventory management, fulfillment management, and transportation network management. Since March 2018 Philippe has run his own consultancy business, holds several board positions and teaches Supply Chain Management and Global Logistics Strategy at university. Read more

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Amazon vs CDON, Allegro, & 28, 2021)

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