Challenges for Aircraft Lessors

Former VP, Marketing and Sales at GECAS

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  • The difference between previous crises and COVID-19 pandemic
  • How lessors approach deferring leases for airlines and recouping deferred rates later
  • Why lease rates have been pressured over the last few years
  • Potential opportunity for purchase and leasebacks
  • How lease rates are priced with airlines

Executive Bio

David Settergen

Former VP, Marketing and Sales at GECAS

From 2001-14, David was the VP of Marketing and Sales in APAC for GECAS, one of the largest aircraft leasing companies globally. He executed over 50 transactions per year at GECAS and has relationships with all the major airlines in Asia and the Middle East. He then spent 2 years at AerSale in Singapore where he sold and executed purchase and leasebacks. David started his career at GE where he spent 14 years working across engine services and support and GECAS. Read more

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Challenges for Aircraft Lessors(May 14, 2020)

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