Interview Transcript

How did you really foster that ten or eleven star experience that Chesky I think has spoken about publicly before and really encouraging the host to give the best experience as possible to the guest?

I think it was not necessarily about saying you have to provide the very best experience that they’re going to have. It was always about trying to get away from saying everyone needs to have a five-star experience in terms of luxury or what you might think of a five-star hotel. It was more about ensuring that the hosts understood that we want you on the platform because what you’re bringing is unique or it’s your own self. It’s your own place, it’s your own home.

Then it was about ensuring that they had the best opportunity to manage any expectations of the guests that came. Even if you were just renting out a pull-out mattress or bed in your spare room, it was about ensuring that the guests understood what they were getting. That they were comfortable about what they were booking. The guest can still have an amazing experience even if they’re only paying $20 a night. I think it was really about ensuring that we helped the host manage those expectations from the get-go. I think that was the main thing about ensuring that these stays are magical and different and unique. Really, not getting in the way of host again, it’s their home. It’s their personality that they’re bringing to the table. It’s about encouraging that and letting that go.

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