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Former VP at Adyen

Adyen NV

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Adyen is a B2B payments processor that is streamlining the payments function for merchants globally, predominantly in the online world. Instead of using multiple vendors, Adyen offers clients all the payment steps (Gateway, Risk management, Issuing, Acquiring, Processing and Settlement) on one single platform.

The company’s success was built on servicing global Enterprise merchants which still account for most of the annual volume growth and have a churn rate lower than 1%. It has more recently broadened its offering to platform businesses which in turn cater to a long tail of SMEs.

Adyen has also developed a physical point-of-sales offering on the same platform that allows its merchants to have a comprehensive view of their clients’ transactions across sales channels. This market, Unified Commerce, is specifically targeted by Adyen for growth.


Executive Bio

Former VP at Adyen

The executive is the Former VP at Adyen, responsible for building partnerships with networks in APAC and working closely with merchants. Prior to joining Ayden, the executive was a large customer of the company, running all payments for a large ecommerce business.Read more

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