Facebook: Personalized Marketing

Former COO of Google, Europe

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  • What are the potential reasons TV spend has held up as viewership has declined?
  • What are the challenges for TV advertising to compete with the ROI from digital advertising?
  • How would you organize a marketing department of a large CPG company?
  • As Head of Marketing at a large CPG brand, how would you split your advertising budget between the various channels?
  • How does transfer pricing work in the advertising value chain?
  • Explain non-working and working dollars in the advertising industry?
  • What are the pressures for the traditional advertising agency business model?

Executive Bio

Ben Legg

Former COO of Google, Europe

Ben is an engineer by training and spent over 10 years in the Royal Engineers in the British Army career before moving to McKinsey. In 2002, he moved to Coca-Cola where he ran teams across Eastern Europe before turning around the Indian business leading 12,000 salespeople. Ben then moved to Google where was COO of UK and Ireland for 2 years before being promoted to COO Europe where he was responsible for writing the monetisation blueprint of Google’s various properties. This involved defining the role of ad units, properties, interactions with agencies and partners, and devising how auctions should work. Ben then ran a Yellow Pages turnaround before running an ad-tech business for 6 years which ran $200m of ad spend through the major technology platforms. Ben is the author of Marketing for CEO’s and is on the Board of The Oxford Foundry where he is a mentor and investor to multiple startups. Read more

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Facebook: Personalized Marketing(October 23, 2019)

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