Retail M&A Synergies: Procurement Synergies

Former Managing Director and Board Member, LVMH Italy.

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  • The procurement synergies and savings from consolidating and acquiring multiple retail locations

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Antonio Ferreira de Almeida

Former Managing Director and Board Member, LVMH Italy.

Antonio has over 12 years experience in beauty retail after joining LVMH as General Manager of Sephora Portugal in 2008 where he had full P&L responsibility of 25 stores in the country. In 2011, he was then promoted to the board of LVMH Italy and was responsible for Sephora’s Italian division which was over 180 stores and 280m EUR turnover. During his time running Sephora Italy, Antonio carried out due diligence on Limoni which Douglas eventually purchased in 2015. Antonio left Sephora in 2015 and has worked for other leading beauty retailers in Switzerland and Alshaya in the Middle East and is now an independent consultant in the industry. Read more

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Interview Transcript

What synergies would you look to achieve in an acquisition like Limoni?

The most important synergy is in purchasing. Douglas became a very strong platform, and a very strong client for every brand. They effectively became the most important beauty customer in Italy for all of the brands. This is the most important synergy. After that, it’s the fact that you buy a presence across the country and a market position across Italy. But the purchasing synergy in terms of power of negotiation with the beauty brands is key.

Do you really have power over L’Oreal, Estee Lauder, these big powerful brands? Can you squeeze them then at the margin?

Yes, you do. Absolutely. Today, the brands cannot live without Douglas. It became far too important in the European market, so they cannot do anything to lead without Douglas because they represent a very high market share for any brand, especially in Italy. In Italy, since Douglas bought Limoni La Gardenia they became very important with the brands, in terms of negotiation.

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Retail M&A Synergies: Procurement Synergies(October 31, 2019)

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