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Former VP and General Manager at Twilio


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Former VP and General Manager at Twilio

The executive had full P&L responsibility of Twilio's Phone Number business and reported into the SVP of the Supernetwork.Read more

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Two thoughts here. One is that the collaboration or competition with hyperscale was alluded to that before with Microsoft. The other thing is the collaboration with integrators. I think that that will be important in that next phase. If we maybe double-click on the hyperscaler first, do you see them as a risk? Is Microsoft – and I think AWS also has a competing product. – something to worry about, in your opinion? If yes, why, or why not?

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These platforms, where they will shear off some of Twilio's business perhaps, due to cost or ease of integration, probably won't eliminate Twilio entirely as a vendor, because of Twilio's broader reach and coverage and better maturity in the offering in some sense, and the ability for end customers to multi-source easily. Twilio will probably remain a vendor, although in many cases probably not the vendor of these services.

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