TransDigm: Value-Based Pricing Strategy

Former President at TransDigm

Why is this interview interesting?

  • Why TransDigm's culture is unique
  • How TransDigm streamline inventory of acquired assets to increase capital efficiency
  • Two-tiered OE pricing strategy and how OEMs view TransDigm
  • Aftermarket pricing and value-based pricing logic
  • How OEMs suck margin from the supply chain
  • Risks for TransDigm's pricing and M&A strategy

Executive Bio

Yusuf Muhammad

Former President at TransDigm

Yusuf is the Former President of CEF Industries, an operating group of TransDigm where he had full P&L responsibility leading over 200 employees. He joined TransDigm in 2000 as a Senior Design Engineer before moving into product marketing in the ADS/Transicoil division. Yusuf became a vital employee within TransDigm as someone who would lead integrations of acquired businesses. From 2017-19, Yusuf spent 2 years as VP at Triumph Group where he competed with TransDigm on various platforms.Read more

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Interview Transcript

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TransDigm: Value-Based Pricing Strategy(June 2, 2020)

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