TransDigm: Esterline Technologies Acquisition

Former VP & Product Line Manager, Esterline Technologies

Why is this interview interesting?

  • Esterline's pricing strategy pre-TransDigm acquisition
  • Why Esterline was focused on moving up to sell bigger systems to OEMs
  • How the OEM looks to capture margin and control the aftermarket pricing
  • Structure of aftermarket pricing with distributors versus direct from supplier
  • How airlines look at the pricing of spares and parts
  • The risk of the TransDigm model and potential backlash from OEMs

Executive Bio

Mark Cochran

Former VP & Product Line Manager, Esterline Technologies

Mark spent 26 years working at Esterline Technologies, the aerospace supplier now owned by TransDigm. He worked in the Utility Controls System in the Avionics and Control Division where he was responsible for 6 interface systems producing over $75m in revenue annually selling directly to OEM’s and the aftermarket. Mark has experience developing platforms with commercial and military manufacturers and has negotiated pricing contracts throughout the aftermarket. Mark left Esterline 3 months after TransDigm acquired the business. Read more

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Interview Transcript

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TransDigm: Esterline Technologies Acquisition(June 5, 2020)

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