Sainsbury's, Tesco, & UK Dark Grocery Stores

Former Director at Sainsbury's

Why is this interview interesting?

  • Customer grocery buying behavior online vs offline
  • The role of impulse buying online
  • History of Tesco’s dark store strategy
  • Why Tesco and Sainsbury’s don’t use Ocado
  • Differences in US and UK online grocery strategies
  • Why MFC’s are the end game
  • How grocers can leverage store estate for on-demand

Executive Bio

Jason Soar

Former Director at Sainsbury's

Jason has over 30 years experience in grocery all at Sainsbury's with 20 years in online grocery itself. He joined Sainsbury’s in 1990 and enjoyed 10 years running stores before moving to Operations Ecommerce Manager in 2003. He was heavily involved in building Sainsbury’s first dark store and organised picking teams and strategies to fulfil orders from stores. More recently, Jason headed Chop Chop, Sainsbury’s on-demand grocery solution. Read more

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Interview Transcript

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Sainsbury's, Tesco, & UK Dark Grocery Stores(July 14, 2021)

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