GameStop: The Shift from Physical to Digital Gaming

Former CEO at Gamestop

Why is this interview interesting?

  • Outlook on the shift in physical to digital games
  • How GameStop use private label and collectibles to drive margin growth
  • How the used market functions and challenges driving volume
  • Challenges of GameStop and brick and mortar versus Amazon
  • Importance of the customer loyalty program at Gamestop

Executive Bio

Mike Mauler

Former CEO at Gamestop

Mike is the Former CEO of GameStop, the gaming retailer with over 5,500 stores globally and $8bn of revenue. In 2005, he joined GameStop as the Global Distribution and Logistics President before leading Gamestop International, where he was responsible for over 2,000 stores and 12,000 employees, from 2010-18. Prior to GameStop, he enjoyed 20 years building and running retail and supply chain operations for companies such as Fisher Scientific, Mattress Discounters, and Electronics Boutique. Mike now advises various startups and lectures at universities throughout the US. Read more

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GameStop: The Shift from Physical to Digital Gaming(April 22, 2020)

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