OnStar & In-Vehicle Telematics

Former Director of Corporate Strategy at General Motors

Why is this interview interesting?

  • History of OnStar and how factory installation fuelled growth
  • Foundations of OnStar’s core safety and security offering
  • Analysis of who will own and monetize vehicle data
  • Is vehicle telematics commoditized in the long run?
  • Comparing LoJack and OnStar technology and challenges for 3P telematics providers
  • How Apple CarPlay and Google are disrupting the auto ecosystem
  • Opportunities for OnStar Insurance and the future of UBI

Executive Bio

Nick Pudar

Former Director of Corporate Strategy at General Motors

Nick spent 38 years at General Motors and was one of a handful of employees who led Onstar, GM’s leading telematics unit, in the early 2000’s. Nick joined GM straight out of MIT where he rotated between engineering and manufacturing roles before joining the Strategy organisation within GM. In 2005, he joined Onstar and was involved in scaling the aftermarket business before rolling out factory installation of Onstar for every GM vehicle. Nick was pivotal in scaling Onstar and explored various ways to monetise vehicle data from insurance, repair and diagnostics, and infotainment. Nick is the former Director of Corporate Strategy for GM where he was responsible for addressing new growth areas across connectivity, telematics, and mobility. Nick is now a professor at MIT Sloan School of Management. Read more

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OnStar & In-Vehicle Telematics(December 10, 2020)

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