Napa Wine & The Winemaking Process

Former Director at Ste. Michelle Wine Estates

Why is this interview interesting?

  • Step-by-step winemaking process from growing to bottling
  • Growing contracts and fruit pricing
  • Crush and fermentation process
  • How winery tasting rooms are evolving
  • Unit operation costs of a winemaking facility
  • How Naked Wines works with custom wine making facilities

Executive Bio

Russell Joy

Former Director at Ste. Michelle Wine Estates

Russell has over 33 years in the wine industry and is a Former President of Patz & Hall Wine Company, the winery that was later sold to Ste. Michelle Wine Estates. Russell ran the commercial side of Patz & Hall for two couples who focused on the art of winemaking. At Ste. Michelle, he ran the California Strategy and Operations, leading the Conn Creek Winery and Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars. Russell is currently the General Manager at Napa Wine Company, a winery that owns vineyards and also offers custom winemaking services to wineries such as Naked Wines.Read more

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Napa Wine & The Winemaking Process(August 3, 2021)

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